Proven safety thanks to UL certification

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Reliability, safety and durability are three essential characteristics that REO products fulfil. To prove this to our customers in the form of certifications and standards, REO offers UL certified products.

The awarding of certificates by the American UL (Underwriters Laboratories) corresponds roughly to the European CE marking. However, manufacturers usually declare compliance with the CE regulations on their own, while the award of the UL test mark is preceded by independent certification by UL.

For this purpose, UL develops standards and procedures to test products, materials and components for safety compliance. A typical standard for electrical products includes requirements for electrical safety, flammability and tests for potential mechanical hazards. If all safety standards are met, the products may carry a UL Mark.

This is either a UL Listing Mark or a UL Recognized Component Mark. The UL Listing Mark is evidence that UL has tested representative samples of the product in question and confirmed its compliance with applicable safety requirements. The UL Recognized Component Mark indicates that a UL Recognized Component may be used in a product or system that bears the UL Listing Mark.

In order to guarantee a long-term standard, UL tests products and production facilities unannounced. As a result, UL-tested products from REO have not only proven their suitability for use and low-risk operation under strict testing standards, but also stand for transparent and high-quality products in the REO factories. An example of this is REO’s CNW series with the E251513 insulation system or a wide range of REO transformers.

An overview of all UL-listed REO products is available in the catalogue: Overview of UL-listed products