More technology in the same design -
this is the motto of the new REOVIB MFS 368

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The new units consume up to 45% less electricity and thus not only deliver a better energy balance but also ensure a reduction in operating costs.



Every vibratory conveyor requires a control unit to optimize process performance. The REOVIB range includes various control products to provide all the control characteristics required of a vibratory conveyor for the flow of conveyed product. These product lines include a large number of control units, starting with simple control systems using triacs or thyristors in phase-angle operation to provide a variable voltage to the magnets, to frequency converters that can generate any desired operating frequency and amplitude forvibratory conveyors.

Variable and future-proof

There are many ways for us to provide solutions, from providing printed circuit assemblies for integration into a client‘s own housing, through to equipment for installation in control cabinets for DIN rail mounting and on to standalone designs with ingress protection from IP54 to IP65. Individual devices can be linked via control inputs and outputs into systems that operate complete feeder stations. Connections with higher-level control systems can be implemented via analogue signals or through fieldbus couplings such as Profibus, CAN bus, EtherCAT or DeviceNet. Many versions are also available with UL/CSA certification.


The REOVIB MFS series for vibratory conveyor drives creates a drive voltage and frequency for the vibratory conveyor that is independent of the frequency and level of the mains voltage connected.

Any desired drive frequencies for the vibratory conveyor that are within the device frequency ranges may be set.
The devices function using digital technology and are operated via an LED or an LCD display and buttons. All settings can be carried out from outside, without the housing having to be opened up.

Using technology that has been patented by REO, it is possible, using an appropriate acceleration sensor, to carry out an automatic search and tracking of the resonance frequency of the vibratory conveyor system using the frequency inverters of the REOVIB MFS 168 and REOVIB MFS 268 series. Therefore, the time-consuming mechanical setting of the vibration frequencies can be omitted.

Phase-angle controller

The REOVIB SMART series contains phase angle control devices for use in vibratory conveyor applications.

The devices provide the most important functions for use in vibratory conveyor engineering and they therefore represent a cost-efficient option for controlling vibratory conveyors, and all of this comes in a high-quality design.


AC Magnets are intended for installation in vibrating conveyor systems that are used in material supply and conveying engineering technology.

The complete AC magnet consists of the core that carries the coil and the accompanying armature.
Alongside our standard product range from 5 VA to 4000 VA, we also offer customer-specific specialised solutions.
On the basis of calculations and long-term tests in companies, optimisations between the coil, the air gap and the magnetic circuit are carried out so that an increased service life can be guaranteed.
In particular for the food and the pharmaceutical industries, we produce corrosion protected vibrating solenoids in a nickel-plated or powder-coated finish that comply with FDA approval FDA FCN 21 CFR 177.1680.

Measuring Equipment

REOVIB-series measurement and monitoring devices include devices specially developed for vibratory conveying technology. They cover all stages of the process, from verification of the current and voltage values of the conveyor to recording of relevant measurement data for the development and construction of vibratory conveyors and performance monitoring of the vibratory conveyor in running operation. REOVIB measurement and monitoring devices clearly offer a solution to any task.

Individual development

Technically suitable solutions, individually developed for your application.

We analyse your actual technical needs and develop standardised product solutions.


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The basis is provided by training courses at your production site or on the premises of REO AG. Our in-house trainers instruct your employees in the technology and provide valuable information on the correct and safe use of REO components. Our training courses are available for both standard solutions and highly customised components. Digital, easy-to-understand content supplements the training and also enables international use.


Winning quality – extra peace of mind, thanks to the expanded REO manufacturer’s guarantee.We believe in the quality of our own products and are confident of the durability of all components used, which is why we have extended the legal guarantee from one to two years.


We offer you devices with the highest possible operational safety. Should any unwanted events occur with any of our products, your professional emergency responder will be available to help you over the telephone free of charge. If the situation or query cannot be resolved over the telephone, you have the opportunity to have the defective device sent back after consultation.


After telephone consultation, and after the defective product has been received, we can even offer you express repairs if possible. This minimises downtime in the event of a fault and guarantees a swift exchange.


Our REO sales specialists look forward to giving you a helping hand. Contact your REO contact partner or call our hotlineto receive further information about our services and theREO portfolio.