Measurement, control and monitoring

Our measuring instruments

REO offers a wide range of measuring instruments. These include pointer instruments with moving-iron measuring mechanism, workshop instruments for service and the manufacture/design of vibratory feeders, workshop and diagnostic equipment for the development, design and quality control of vibratory feeders, as well as for hand-held service measuring equipment for the inspection of vibratory feeders.

Furthermore, acceleration and vibration amplitude sensors for vibratory feeders, as well as monitoring devices for vibratory feeders are also available.

At a glance

  • REOVIB MESSBOX 122: Analog instrument with moving-iron meters
  • REOVIB 6050: Workshop equipment used for servicing and manufacturing of vibratory conveyors
  • REOVIB 6100: Workshop and diagnostic equipment used for thedevelopment, construction and quality control of vibrato-ry conveyors
  • REOVIB SWM 4000: Hand-held instrument for checking and testing vibratory conveyors
  • REOVIB SWM 1000: Acceleration and vibration amplitude sensor for vibrating feeders
  • REOVIB SWM 843: Monitoring device for vibrating feeders
  • REOVIB BK 032: Monitoring device for vibrating feeders


REOVIB Measuring equipment

All REO measuring devices at a glance.