Climate friendliness at REO

›› Thinking from the beginning to the end

From development to recycling – REO systematically reduces the CO2 emissions of its products throughout their entire life cycle. As a global supplier of innovative resistive and inductive components, REO accepts the challenge of helping to shape social change in the areas of life, industry, infrastructure, and mobility. Already today, many REO components can be found in systems and solutions that are essential on the way to a decarbonized society. In addition to the energy sector, where the use of REO components in wind power and solar plants is widespread, REO is also your reliable partner for the electrification of commercial vehicles. Whether it’s maintaining the on-board power supply for fully electric construction machinery or using complete systems for hydrogen drives in railway technology: REO research, develops and builds the right components for your project. The electrification of systems previously powered by diesel is particularly exciting. The example of an excavator driven by an electric motor shows a reduction in CO2 emissions of up to 90 % over its entire service life. From a technical point of view, there are hardly any limits to electrification.

Often it is still the manufacturers who must be convinced of the right and inevitable path to defossilisation. However, it is currently becoming apparent that there is a massive competitive advantage to be gained by doing without fossil fuels. Also against the background of the EU ban on combustion engines in cars or vans from 2035.

REO bears responsibility for our environment and sees itself as an active participant in the decarbonization process. In doing so, REO draws on around 100 years of experience. How can we help you on the way to climate neutrality? Talk to us.