Quality assurance

›› High quality even during turbulence on the world commodity market

At a time when it is becoming increasingly difficult to secure supply chains, comprehensive and thorough quality assurance is more necessary than ever. Even with long-standing and proven supplier companies, recipe changes are found now and then due to supply shortages of raw materials or strongly fluctuating prices on the world market. Although this creates supply security, the use of alternative substances as raw materials can have an impact on product quality. REO therefore invests a lot of time in the incoming goods process and checks all delivered parts with a standardised quality management system and compares them with reference samples. If a batch shows deviations, the materials are not used. REO products only leave our premises with absolute certainty of quality and performance.
In this way, we ensure the consistent quality of all products, components and complete solutions and vouch for what has always distinguished REO: High quality and robust, low-maintenance products.

Thanks to these tests and inspections, we can assume with a clear conscience that some of our products have a long service life of over 25 years. The life cycle costs, which are an increasingly important reason for many of our customers, are comparatively low thanks to the high quality of the components used and the associated shorter maintenance intervals. REO customers therefore benefit from an efficient product with low service costs over its entire service life.