Customised Development

Technically appropriate solutions, individually developed for your application.

Individual development by REO


Founded in Berlin in 1925, REO is now a medium-sized family company with its headquarters in Solingen and is successfully represented and active around the world. With a high degree of diversification of passive, electronic components and controls, we have been able to successfully set new impulses and trends over a nearly 100-year history. Important innovation drivers for our customers are again and again individual product solutions from REO.

REO is not a mass producer, but at home in the development and production of special niche solutions . In close cooperation with our customers, we develop ideas and technical solutions in small or large quantities, which, when used in an overall system, take on tasks that are not covered by standard products on the market. This enables our customers to use the most modern applications and innovative production processes without having to resort to standard products with restrictions.

Practical example EDGE Winding

The edge winding technology is a good example of an individual development from REO. The principle arose from the REO development team, which is constantly researching the latest technologies intensively and is always thinking in new directions. Together with the customer, REO recognized the opportunity of the new winding technology and made it possible for small and large series productions. In practice, this means fast delivery times and an outstanding product property: The cooling property is particularly impressive, as the single-layer structure enables alternative materials and makes insulating material almost superfluous. On the one hand, the dimensions and weight are reduced, on the other hand, the service life increases and the area of ​​application is greater than with conventional winding techniques.

Individual product development at REO means reaching and maintaining parameters tailored to the needs of the customer, which would not be possible with standard products. Both the electrical parameters and the mechanical, structural conditions are adapted . This means that the customer receives exactly the product that he needs for his application.

Guaranteed quality

A high level of vertical integration and our technical experience in the production of inductive, resistive and electronic components and complete solutions guarantee reliable and resilient products. Longevity and reliability are two basic requirements that we place on all of our standard products and individual developments.

As a family business, we think and act towards a long-term goal, not quarter to quarter. Therefore, we want to manufacture products that will satisfy our customers in the long term. We are firmly convinced that the use of high-quality materials, our experience in development and production, as well as the careful use of resources are fundamental aspects for long-lasting products, reliability and satisfied customers.


  • We offer you the technical knowledge to enable innovative and modern processes.
  • Compliance with defined parameters
  • We develop and manufacture products that are high quality, durable and work in a resource-saving manner.
  • We offer reliable continuity and competence for production in small or large quantities
  • Production “made in Germany”
  • As a family company, close, partnership-based cooperation with our customers is very important to us